Life is good….

As I stand here in the kitchen waiting for the hot water to boil so I can make coffee in the French press the morning begins.

We let in the kitty from her nightly hunt. She is still on high alert. I try to pick her up to give her a good morning hug, she is not ready for love yet. She scurries over to the water drain pipe waiting for the water to secretly flow out. This intrigues her!!

Kansas makes her usual rrrrrrr noise to catch my attention. This is what she wants.

To receive one she has to give me her paw 10 times right then left right then left etc. Sometimes she get confused right left left right. I correct her and remind her things worth doing are worth doing good.

This is her after an afternoon playing in the weeds. I know people usually hide their weed in their pockets but she wears her weed well.

As the tea pot whistle blows, the sun rises waking the world.

Last night Martin received notice of activity on the game camera. Mama deer and two babies come to drink and eat.

As the coffee brews, Martin has started the wood burning stoves to keep me warm. The smell of the wood burning is a comforting smell. The flames blaze with warmth.

The kitty and the dog go outside to play. They crack us up playing catch me if you can.

This morning is a bowl of cereal before we start our day. Martin will be working in the bathroom and I will be making toy soldier pants to go with this jacket.

Yep life is good……

Till next time……


Forgive me readers for I️ have sinned….. it’s been way too long since my last post

I must apologize as I have been wrapped up in my work and haven’t realized how much time has gone by.

Martin and John were able to place the washer/dryer combo unit into its place.

You know what that means. NO MORE laundry mat!!!! This unit is amazing! Ventless and washes and drys all in one. Uses little water too!

We took a few minutes to put up the ship lap in the living room.

It’s amazing how so little makes a huge difference.

We decided to put tile on this block wall instead of rocks as tile will be quick. Rock is a long process. So off to Lowes we go.

With the tile on order off to another project. We bought this metal wood stand years ago but our wood is too small for the span of the rails. Solution, pallet wood!!!!

All it takes is an idea and a handsome husband to make it so.

Here it sits until the green house gets cleaned out then we can move the stock out there.

The bathroom progress continues.

We are using a composting toilet. No water needed. But you need a drain for excess liquid. So it needs to be elevated. We used leftover 6 x 6’s. Screwed them together then sealed. Perfect.

With Martin taking his rest period. Aka nap, I decided to start the next mosaic wall in the living room.

This next wall will be pretty big so it will be a process. All and any help appreciated!!!

Martin built a solar stand for a few panels so it could power and new camera to catch the animals that come to drink at night.

Our letters arrived!!! Gotta love Amazon. You can buy anything online.

Just a little touch of whimsy.

We started tiling the bathroom. Leftover tile from the Mandarin house is being used.

So excited. We can hardly wait to get these rooms functional. Luckily we are having a warmer winter so showering outside is still enjoyable. And our turds in the composting toilet are not frozen so life is good!

Tomorrow is Monday and all the parts are in so that means our two wood burning stoves will be installed. Wahooooooo. And the last of the insulation will be delivered. Double Wahoooooo.

Looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday with our children and grand children.

Till next time…..


The closet is done!!!

We added pipe hooks for our hats.

And added one more set of racks for our never ending clothes.

Yea…..the supervisor is on a break…..really?

Martin worked this last week in the bathroom. Dry fitting the new sink and faucet to the really old dresser we are using as the cabinet.

He built the platform for the washer/dryer and prepped for the framing of the cabinet.

My handsome husband gets up and starts a fire in my office for me.

It’s getting cold here in the mornings now. Can’t wait to get the other two stoves installed. Wink wink Dave!

Building a wood shed is a must. Organizes the wood, keeps it somewhat dry and monitors how much wood you use in a winter. Our wood is cut thanks to Ron Williams who worked for two weeks cleaning up our HUGE pile of trees a few years ago.

Perfect place to put the wood shed is to hide the ugly propane tank.

The magic tool of choice today is the plasma cutter. Cuts like butter!!!

Secured with plenty of screws by one handsome dude.

Now the stacking begins. Bigger ones to the back smaller ones to the front.

Baby beginning wood goes in the small shed.

Now the fun begins. One by one we will move this big pile.

Till next time…..


40th class reunion… check!

Martin and I traveled to Phoenix ready to let the good times roll.

First we to stopped over night at The Treat Inn to drop of Kansas. She loves her play time with cousin Molly.

Family time is the best part. Lovely dinner on the patio then card time.

Friday morning we caught an early flight to Sacramento. First thing we had a nice visit and lunch with Martin’s parents. Next stop , booze shopping! Can’t go to a newly built saloon empty handed.

The class reunion committee were hard at work.

Alumni came over to help set up the beautiful saloon.

Giggle giggle giggle!!!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Yummy rib dinner was served for the hired help!

Tina was caught keeping Kevin in line. No more than three ribs per person!!!!

The reunion was a blast. Hopefully more alumni will join in on the fun in a few years as we all turn 60.

That’s just one good looking couple.

Always a good time!!!

Till next time…..


Whoop whoop!!!

What a week.

The sun has made its move towards the south. The sun now stretches its warm rays into the house, warming up the morning chill.

Martin is caught painting the block wall in the closet. His favorite pass time!!!!

While he works hard I’m busy building a bottle wall for the shower. Martin installed the bead board I painted last weekend then he stapled up the insulation.

The black pipe arrived so up it goes. Darn we forgot unions for the pipe. Can’t make squares out of pipe without unions. So off to the computer we run to place another order.

The next step while we wait is to put up the ceiling. Piece by piece, screw by screw the tin goes up.

Now it’s time to get our clothes off the rolling racks.

This week we also brought the wood burning stoves out of the green house

Dave Smith, our dear friend, sent some muscles to help install the stoves. With a lot of head scratching one was ready for wood.

Mamas gonna be warm this winter.

With only one stove installed this gave us time to install the faux stone wall.

The kitties brought us a present last night. So thought we’d try fried mouse for dinner.

Today I watched Squirt as she had a chipmunk in her mouth play with it. She let it go and it climbed super high in a tree. She climbed after it and just as she got close the chipmunk jumped for its life. It landed on all fours then ran away to either hide or die.

Till next time….


One week home…. can you say progress?

I picked up Martin in Albuquerque on Monday night. Driving home through the Datil area we must have seen 20 elk along the road late at night. Thank goodness we didn’t have to use that new guard on Martins truck.

First thing Martin did was to install the vent hood over the stove.

Always making sure things are straight and level.

Next on the honey do list is the STOVE!!!! The most exciting day in the world.

John came over to give Martin a helping hand, back and lots of muscles.

She’s so sexy!!! Thermador Professional. My dream stove!!!

Scare me. Hold onto her!!

Bammmm the sexy girl sits in place happy and ready to do work.

Work she did. Had to try out the oven. My first high altitude baking. Oatmeal raisin. Yum yum.

Next practice meal was my Shit Soup. Just throw shit in a pot spice it up and call it soup.

Homemade biscuits topped off a perfect meal on a cold raining day.

The next day with leftover biscuits Martin suggested Shit in a Shingle. Perfect!!!! Idea!!!!!

So if someone asked me what is the first thing you made with your new stove my answer will be, Shit just all shit!!

A few more shelves in the pantry makes it complete!!!

Happy national coffee day. Cheers!

Next on Martin’s honey get er done list was pulling the wood burning stoves out of the green house and place them where they will come to life soon.

At 600 pounds a piece. HEAVY.

The second most exciting day was running hot and cold water at the kitchen sink.

Since the design on our home is modeled after an Earthship we do not have a septic system. So the grey water needs to go somewhere. That will be the job of the planter boxes. So soon a lot of digging will be going on. The sink water, shower water and washing machine water goes through this trap first.

Then drains into the flower bed one and when it gets full.

Then it will drain into flower bed 2

The plants drink up the water and then when flower bed 2 gets full it will be pumped into flower bed 3,4,5 and 6. And then it is recirculated back to flower bed one.

Today we are working on painting of bead board for the closet.

And we mocked up the size for the island.

We are taking an antique dresser and flipping it into an island. Painted a solid color with the concrete top it will be perfect.

It has been a perfect weekend working with my hubby again but come Monday back to work mode. Finishing up Suns new jumper then starting Cardinals new dresses and jackets.

Till next time…..


Two weeks of fun……happy retirement Martin

There hasn’t been any progress here because Martin has been fulfilling his dream of attending the Reno Air Races and then going to Balls.

He flew into Sacramento then drove down to visit his parents. Every moment he gets to see them he treasures.

Then he drove up to Reno. He met his brother Jerry there. They enjoyed the races and most of all bro time. Then Jerry left to go help his wife and his other brother joined in on the fun. They spent two days of racing and lots of much needed bro time.

He had lots of fun in the sun and was ready to get home. He arrived Monday night for Rome much needed wife time. Heeheee. Then we got up early Tuesday morning and drove to AZ. I had a fitting with my new client the AZ Cardinal Cheerleaders. Martin is the official scribe and many fellas have offered to take his spot!!!

Then Wednesday he headed out bright and early with a friend Scott. 16-1/2 hour drive to the middle of nowhere. This event is called Balls. I’m guessing because you gotta have big balls to play with these big ass rockets.

Good thing Martin brought his heavy coat cause it was freezing in the middle of nowhere.

While I was in AZ I took Kansas to get all pretty.

As you can see she was a furry dirty girl.

Our beautiful grand daughter Mikaila has her first boyfriend. Logan.

Honor student and football player. Marcus already scared the shit out of him so he should respect her and treat her right.

I got to spend time with the boys. Always a hoot

Trey is in third grade

And a Tanner is in first.

Man how time flies when you get old.

The sunrises are breathtaking

Today is Saturday and my first weekend off in awhile. I was able to unpack some boxes. Now the kitties have no more playground inside.

They just crack me up.

Hey but they are earning their keep. Killed a bird and a mouse.

I also grouted more on the bedroom wall. Only about 1/4 more to go. Exhausted from climbing up and down, up and down. I need a shower but it has been gusty windy all day so this could be interesting. Wish me luck. I might have to run around in the shower to get wet. Lol.

Till next time……


My busy bee 🐝…

Martin rolls and rolls and rolls. First the sealer.

Then the polish.

With every step we fall more in love with the counter tops. The natural beauty of just concrete fits our home perfectly.

Pie Festival was a blast. The crew at the Pie-O-Neer served 194 pies to pie hungry people. I arrived early and helped Stan mix and bake the cream pies.

As people arrived. Slice by slice whole pies were cut into some what equal pies. Slice by slice they were eaten by the hungry pie wanting people. From 10:00 am till 3:00 pm hungry pie people came in the front door and left full happy pie people. I really love the history of this place.

Kathy the owner is what makes the Pie-O-Neer. Her enthusiasm and love for pie is infectious.

Last years pie princess passed her crown onto another special lady of the community. Had to catch this picture with her bling bling on.

Only a few slices left. Hurry take on or you might not get one.

After my job was done I walked down to the Cafe. This is where Martin helped out.

I got to watch his cute little ass take ordered from hungry people. Lori said he was just amazing. Well I knew that!!

I’ve leaned since being up here now for almost 3 months is that time flies so fast. We as people are just busy living. Stop during your day and just look around you. For us today we woke up to an elk in our front yard. And as I walked down the path from the out house I noticed the beautiful 4 O’Clocks are dying.

But just down the path the late bloomers struggle to hang onto life.

This little late bloomer is now going to seed so it will live again next year.

Life continues no matter what happens. No matter who leaves this planet. People, plants, bugs or animals. Only the strong survive to live another year. I hope Martin and I have many more years to enjoy watching life cycles come and go.

Till next time…..


Can you say loudly…..TILE!!!

After the cement cured, Martin striped the forms to reveal the perfect imperfect counter tops.

Sanding revealed some grit and character with personality.

Tile was next on the honey do list.

He cut, leveled, stuck, pressed, adjusted and spaced for three days.

Every peek around the corner of my sewing room more tiles stretched higher and higher towards the ceiling.

We were so anxious to see what the kitchen could hopefully look like, we test fit the hood.

Just like we planned. LOVE IT!!!!

So as easy as it went up it came down just as easy. With pouty lips, I watched the progress go backwards. You just can’t grout with that in place!

Higher and higher the tiles go till they can go no more.

He has done it!!!! My man!!!

Tonight we attended the fund raiser for new play ground equipment. Ladies of the community made spaghetti, salad and French bread.

I offered to make my famous English toffee. After 39 years of making it, it bombed! Tried a second batch in a different pan. Bomb!!! Oh crap that’s right altitude! Thought it was because of cooking it on a camping stove. I was so disappointed I couldn’t contribute to the community. So what do I do? That’s right, sit down and ordered 4 high altitude cookbooks on Amazon. With those and a stove installed soon I’ll be able to contribute.

We met some new and interesting people. Jewel Star is an author and her books can be found on Amazon. Patty Pannell and Austin Ladd were on tour singing when they traveled through Pie Town many years ago and decided to make it their home.

They sing beautifully together. They can be found tomorrow at 11:30 playing at the Pie Town Festival.

Tomorrow is festival day and also our beautiful daughter Jamie’s 37th birthday. So Happy Birthday Jamie! Even though we are 5 hours apart Dad and I will be thinking of you. It will also be our 39th wedding Anniversary. Baby we’ve come so far since that first date roller skating. Now looks at us!! Enjoying life in Pie Town. I love you more everyday.

Tomorrow I will be helping Kathy at the Pie-O-Neer and Martin will be helping Lori at the Cafe. Once the visiting Peeps have eaten and/or bought all the pies made Martin and I will finally be together. Maybe dancing! Or dead in bed from pie-mania.

Loving life!

Till next time…..


Fire time….

Sunday night we hung out by the fire.

S’mores were on the menu.

Tanner had to warm his belly.

Then every one took turns holding the moon

Then it was silly story telling time and going on a stick hunt!!!! Boys loved feeding the fire.

After biscuits and gravy for breakfast Monday morning, the kids were out playing as mom and dad packed up their stuff

Just something about how beautiful the mornings are.

Can’t thank the Treat Family for their help this weekend. And we can’t wait to be able to take the forms off the concrete to reveal the masterpiece.

Here the counter top sets drying and waiting to be stripped naked.

To be continued.

Till next time…..