It all started while heading home……

In August 2007, we were traveling back from a race in Ohio.  We had been talking and looking for a possible location to buy land and retire.  The plan was at the age of 55 we would be retired.  I had the 55 number in my head for many years as a goal due to relatives doing the same.  I was 50 at the time so time was running out!

Earlier in the trip we had passed through some small towns that looked promising and had actually taken down some realtor names.   Joyce was driving the motor home and I was now napping.  I awoke to the words “do you want to stop and look at some land?”.  We were now in the middle of nowhere, I wasn’t even sure where I was.  I said sure?

We pulled our 40′ rig pulling a 24′ trailer into the dirt parking lot and in we went to the office.  We met the owner of the land who proceeded to talk to us about the lots available, pricing, etc.  He then told us he could show us around if we wanted.   We looked at each other and said “why not”, we don’t have to be back immediately.

We set out on a 6 hour adventure that turned out to be a lot of hiking.  Looking at each of the lots, hiking to find the property boundaries, etc.  After walking up and down hills for hours we stumbled across a lot with an amazing view of the valley below and mountains in the background.  At that moment I knew this was the one.  The lot didn’t have known water on it, but as you will see later that didn’t matter to us.  It was now too late in the day to start the paperwork so the owner offered to allow us to stay in the parking lot overnight and that is what we did.  The next morning we were the proud owners of 17 acres.


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