Design variations…..

Over the next five years the design has gone from a tire based building:

3-24-14 tires

To a cargo container based building:

5-10-09 containers


Throughout those variations of the building construction material, use of the basic Earthship systems has never changed.

Over the last five years we had added four cargo containers to the property for storage and a few years ago we converted one to a small cargo cabin.  We added an outdoor shower and a composting toilet to allow us to visit the property without bringing our motor home.  After those experiences last year we finally decided that due to labor concerns with the tires and issues with building with containers, we would use an insulted concrete foam (ICF) form system and the basic floor plan was finalized.  Well sort of finalized, during the last few months the floor plan has been tweaked to accommodate the actual system designs.  The following are the most recent building images using ICFs.

Deadwood Ranch House Plans (11-27-14)2

Dead Wood Ranch 3D

Part of the Earthship comcept is the use of a greenhouse along the entire south facing area of the house.  As you can see on the above images there is not a greenhouse attached yet but will be included in the final build.  I will try to finalize that detail soon and post the final image.

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