The overall design concept……

Following the Earthship concept as our lead, we have finalized on the following general design criteria. The house will be:

– South facing.
– Only one room deep.
– Full height windows along the entire south wall.
– Full length green house along the south facing wall.
– Rain water collection from roof for drinking and household use.
– Re-use of all grey water for planter watering.
– Multiple planter beds indoors for food production.
– Wood stoves for supplemental heating and cooking.
– Propane stove/oven.
– Propane backup water heater.
– Solar water heating.
– All lighting to be low voltage.
– All pumps to be low voltage.
– Insulated concrete walls with interior wall insulation removed to expose mass.
– All interior walls to be bear concrete or have mass added (rocks, tile, etc)
– Solar panels mounted on a stand mounted behind house with north/south tracking.
– 400 watt Wind generator mounted behind house.
– At least (2) 1700 cisterns to be used for water storage.
– Water filtered with particulate, charcoal and UV filters.
– Hot water loop to be used to provide nearly instant hot water to facets.
– PEX tubing to be used for all plumbing requirements.
– Provisions to be able to drain the system during times of un-occupancy.
– 3600 water solar array with a 3600 watt inverter.
– 800 AH battery bank (100 hr rate).

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