Daily Archives: March 8, 2015

Material trailer

During this multi-year planning process we have come to the conclusion that we will be hauling a lot of material in our trailers.  Being that we are not getting any younger and remembering that my Dad always told me to work smarter and not harder, I decided we needed a system so that we didn’t have to load lumber or other materials one at a time into the trailer.   That is when the material trailer was born.  

Realizing that our enclosed airplane race trailer has a winch built into it, why not use a small flat bed trailer that could be loaded at the building system store with pallets of materials and then pulled into the enclosed trailer with the winch and reverse the process at the build site.  Wow, my back started thanking me immediately LOL!   

The material trailer was completed today with the newly acquired welding skills of Marty, great job!  It is 5′ wide and 10′ long and can hold over a ton of weight!   Here is a picture of the trailer:

In other news I have been in contact with a concrete person this week so I will let you know what we figure out soon!