Daily Archives: May 3, 2015

The last of the trees are gone!

This is my first attempt at posting so I have to catch you all up to our adventure.

As always we start our trip with our back seat driver!

Joyce and Kansas

Our goal this trip was to remove all trees from the house site.  Martin rented an John Deer Excavator to help with the removal of the stumps.

Kansas and the escavator

Martin with his RC flying experience was able to run this big yellow tool like a big plane.  A little rudder here, little elevator there!!!

Daddy and escavator

With the hard work of tree work always comes with a big appetite!  One thing I love doing is cooking over the fire or on the camping stove.  Rustic living at its best!

Dinner by fire lioght

Brteakfast potatoes

Salmon dinner

This trip was a breeze compared to the last trip. The excitement is building within us as the breaking of ground date is approaching.

This weekend we took a trip to Stardust Building Supplies.  In building this house we wanted to use recycled doors and windows.  With 90 feet by 13 feet of glass needed we were on a mission. The older the better!  We prefer wood but some metal is ok.

Stardust Building supplies

Martin shopping for glass doors

We scored in this shopping adventure.  22 wood windows at $10.00 each. 23 glass doors averaging $30.00 each.  Martin is, as I write this blog, drawing each one to scale be able to see how they will fit in the wall.  The plan is to cut as much of the excess wood of the doors as possible.  Might even purchase some port hole windows to add a bit of steam punk into this creative mess of glass.

22- $10.00 windows score

As always my helpful husband happily helped a fellow shopper load this big ass window into his rented Uhaul.

Martin giving , helping hand to a fellow customers,  paying forward

In finishing my first blog I must say this is fun.  Sharing our new adventure with our friends and family warms my heart. Enjoy! Till next time………………………Joyce