Our journey began today!

This morning Martin and I woke up so excited to begin our day. The usual last minute loading of supplies. Groceries, fuel, clothes, and Kansas. 


With my Co-pilot in her seat. Martin is in his truck pulling a trailer and I am at the wheel of the Moho pulling a trailer. Off we go………

About an hour into the trip I see something out of the corner of my eye on my Co-pilots side. I asked her what was that. She only had a look of confusion on her face. Then bam something hit the side of the moho. So I called Martin to pull over to access the damage. 


Luckily nothing to major. Only a small awning that didn’t want to go along for the ride. So it decided to eject itself into the roadway. If you’ve ever owned a moho it’s always something.  So back on the road we go…….

Following Martin he kept dropping dry mud from the trailer. Hummmm must be leftover last adventure. 

4 hours into our journey we stopped for fuel at our usual stop. Oh crap!  All the hoses were covered with plastic bags. Mov in’ on……..to the next station. 

Just as we are about 20 miles from our destination I noticed Martin had a blow out on the trailer. Another frickin’ tire. Another stop to access the damage.  

Limp it to our property was the decision.  So as we  turtle crawled to our property, we were greeted with the most amazing rainbow. Bright, beautiful and then there were two.


And then there were two full rainbows.



We  stayed in an Earthship in Taos and Martin saw a big double rainbow as he took Kansas out to pee. But it was quickly gone by the time I got there. These two rainbows were there for miles and it was like we were driving right under them. As we talked on the phone enjoying this experience together, Martin said that this was the sign that we are doing the right thing for our future. I agree………..

We made it safely before the rain fell. Ready for some dinner, a beer and chill time. 

Till next time…….


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