The last day of rest….

Yesterday we awoke to snow falling. Martin’s outside in his Arizona shorts long sleeved t shirt and a vest. Crazy man but he loves this cooler weather. 

Today is Sunday. I’ve been sick since Wednesday so we decided to take a day of rest. Got up late.  Yep 7 am. But we have been in bed for 12 hours. Haha. 

Went to visit a new land owner who invited us to see his observatory. OMG. Had no idea what these star gazers do. He has the building that looks like a normal little house that the whole roof, yes whole roof slid open. I had to go outside to see it with my own eyes that it really moved off the little house. All computerized. As we talked all of a sudden the roof closed. Scared me. Automatic!!!! Nothing for the telescope to see during the day so it decided no need to be open so shut the roof door. I was amazed. Our neighbor is from Texas and can access this telescope remotely from Texas. Still blown away. We have the best night sky for star gazing. 

Next stop the community well. Need some fresh cold drinking well water. Taste so good. Today was such a beautiful day. No wind, warm with light clouds. Took two walks around the property, read and rested. 

Tomorrow we break ground. The grader comes and the hard work begins. Can’t wait!

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