Two days of dirt work…..

The last two days the local dirt guy moved mountains of dirt. First with the tractor.   

Second with the grader. More dirt was moved.  


There is always a supervisor on site!


The next step was to dig the trenches for the foundation. The local dirt guys trusty assistant (aka Martin) used the lazer level to help guide the depth. 








Since the heavy machinery was here why not cut in a new road south of the house. 



While all the dirt was going on I kept busy cutting the wood out of the downed trees. Our neighbor stopped by to see what he could do to help and loaned me these awesome chaps. A much needed safety item since I have hit the side of my leg twice with the saw luckily only ruining my pants keeping my flesh in one piece. 


As we traveled home early this morning, we saw at least 20 elk along the side of the road, a few deer and some antelope. 


After arriving home, I had to break into the house since we lost the clicker to the house and no house key on the ring. Luckily a window was unlocked. As we age trying to remember everything is impossible but you get better at making lists! I have since rectified the key problem. 

Mikaila graduates from 8th grade tonight. So proud of her and can’t wait to see what her next stage in life brings. 

Till next time……


One thought on “Two days of dirt work…..

  1. Now the work begins and it looks like you have a good start on it. And Mikaila isn’t old enough or are we getting older, much older.

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