Thankful for the help…….

After a graduation ceremony for our grand daughter and a few chores at home we headed back to the property on Friday. Yes the back seat driver was in tow.

When we arrived Martin had to put the new tires on the trailer and we had to unload it before we headed out to pick up supplies. Luckily our wonderful neighbors stopped by to give us a helping hand. 



 Frank and Lizanne are our neighbors in AZ and will also be our neighbors here. 

  Picking up supplies made it easy with Martins flat trailer. Loaded it up and whinched it on it. 


The next day which was Saturday we spent the day laying out the foundation and preparing the footers. Digging ditches is back breaking work but it will only be rewarding and give us hard bodies!

Even the supervisor was exhausted from all the digging. 

We have a very kind neighbor up here who saw our huge pile of trees that need to be dealt with so he has come now for three days with his wood chipper and is handling the mess while Martin and I dig and dig and dig……

Today is Monday hoping to complete the foundation forming today. Yahoooo

This is my view as I sit on top of our knoll writing my blog. Not only for the view but the best place to have Internet!!!

  Till next time…..


2 thoughts on “Thankful for the help…….

    1. Doesn’t get much heat up here. We are at 7500′ so 80s is about all it gets to. Probably will be a 6 to 12 month project.

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