Wow! The last 5 days has kicked our butts. Martin hands are so sore! The inside of my thighs are bruised from shoveling. 

Martin has been pounding in the stakes with a sledge hammer while I held them in place. Then the endless digging and digging. We were hopeful to have the stage done by now by our old bodies can only take so much abuse.  


Our supervisor is constantly whipping us with her stick to go faster. 

 We have been thankful for the afternoon rain showers as it makes us put our tools away and rest. And the plus is it wets the ground for tiny bit easier digging.   But heavier shovels full of dirt! 

In between work, rest and rain I take the time to hunt for rocks!  I feel like a chicken playing in a pile of manure looking for treasures. 

The inside house walls will all be organic in nature. No drywall no paint. Either tile or rocks found on the property. The walls need to retain the heat so it releases back to us at night. 

Our neighbor Ron and his wife Judy have been trimming up our pile of trees knocked down now for 5 days. We are so appreciative for this help that words can not explain. 

We have finally dug the last of the dirt out of the trench. Thank god!  Martin is worn out using the tool of death. 

  One thing I am so thankful for is, is my husband’s love for tools.   

  We would be lost without the laser level. 

Today is Wednesday and with Martins hands killing him we decided to take the afternoon off and take the hour drive to town. 

Tomorrow is the laying of fast foot! Rebar! And then placing the anchor bolts. Easy peasy compared to the last 5 frickin’ diggin’ days! 

Til next time……   

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