The progress continues……..

Jenny the generator received her propane fuel in her temporary location. Jenny will keep my machines running when our battery level runs low.  

       Saturday we finally finished the foundation and we are ready for concrete Monday morning.  It took us one week to prepare for this stage. 


 Martin had to sledge hammer in the 8 foot grounding rod.

This is one exhausted little boy. I wish my hands were stronger to help. 

Ron our neighbor works day after day determined to completely remove the huge piles of trimmings. Can’t thank him enough.  


This is our country little post office. Because there no mail delivery we have a PO Box and have to go get our mail. Wow right?  I really love going to a simpler life style.  

Today is Sunday and Martin is finishing the wiring on Jenny. Then since we have a little down time we are going to tackle putting a small deck up on our knoll. Yep more frickin’ diggin’. This should be a fun day. 
Till next time……


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