Yesterday was a long day…..

The day started out with Summer arriving at 8 for more frickin’ diggin on the foundation  


Every job needs a supervisor. Today was my turn as our daily supervisor was no where to be found. 

Crazy Ron wore the fireman hat. This is how you handle a ton of brush up here. Dig a big hole, call the Sherriff dept to let them know of the control burn, throw your stuff in, light it on fire and have a wonderful neighbor to tend it.  


  After Summer left we had to remove the stakes holding the forms. Since banging them in was hard, this turned out to be hard to.  


We had use the tractor, a chain and a piece of unistrut to pull those boogers out. There was one stake we worked on for about an hour. We called it the little F-ER but we finally dominated!

After 10 hours of non stop working we checked the burn pit. It’s fire was out 

And so was ours!  
Till next time……


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