Forgive me friends as it has been 4 days since my last blog…….

After our long days it feels so good to take a hot shower and rest clean. This is how Martin rolls. Best looking cowboy!

Here is our home away from home. 

It feels stranger going back in time doing laundry on the line. 

As a little girl we only had a washing machine and all laundry ended up on the line. At least my Moho has a combo washer dryer unit in it and I’m not washing  in a tub with a wash board. 
I found this beautiful lovely lonely flower all by itself. It’s amazing it survived all the tractor work that has been done around here. 

We received a pile of rocks from this cute old dump truck. Some will be used for landscaping and some will be used for walls. It will take some sorting. 

After the dirt work was done and more frickin’ diggin’ we started forming out the front foundation.


These next two pictures are the area that were filled with downed trees all mangled together. Now look at it. Ron our neighbor so graciously cut, chipped, burned, raked and sweated for 8 days cleaning it up. So very thankful. Words can not express. 

Our supervisor was injured NOT on the job but on her own time chasing bunnies. Just wore a sore spot in her pad. I bandaged her up for a couple of days then she of course took it off herself. 

Today is Sunday and we finished the last of the forming today. The concrete truck arrives tomorrow at 9. So excited for the next pour. 

I thank the clouds everyday for giving us shade to work under. Even though it only gets to maybe 80 when the sun shines and your working hard it wears on you. 

    The community is so small that the local high school had 11 graduating seniors and the next community over had only 5 girl graduates. WOW right? 

I still can’t believe that we are finally creating this dream of 8 years. So thankful! 

Till next time………


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