Concrete arrives…….

Today we are ready for the second round of concrete. 

This pour was a little harder to work with. We have determined that concrete is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get!

Since we can not work on the house site till the concrete sets, I decided to resand my Picnic bench and outdoor cooking bench to get it ready for a new deal.  

Delivery day!  Our first load of building materials arrived today. Next step is to prepare for pouring of the slab.  Of course the supervisor must approve the off load! 




 After a hard morning of physical labor and mental labor, Martin found a few minutes to take a rest.  

 We are only here three days this week as we will be traveling home for the weekend. Marty had a birthday, Trey is having a birthday, lawn needs to be mowed, parts need to be delivered to Martins employees  and I have a few things to do for a client. So real life calls! 

Till next time……


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