A day of diggin’ in the rain……

Today we are welcomed with overcast skies and nice cool weather. 

So it’s a good diggin’ time.  

According to the supervisor it’s boring work and her attention is not needed  


These spots in the pad are for the support posts that are load bearing that will hold up the roof 

They kind of look like graves!

This long trench is for added support for our block wall in the back of the house. I think the back hoe guy had a little too much coffee. Diggin’ straight was not an option for him. So it is what it is!  A curvy trench!   

  Rain graciously sprinkles us for time to time and it feels so good. Goal is to get the diggin’ done today so see how long our backs hold out. I must say we are both getting stronger every day and with all the squats we are getting buns of steel!  

Till next time …….


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