New toy!!

We spent the weekend at home. Yard work, shopping for groceries, family fun swimming at Marty and Shawna’s. We had to hit up 3 Home Depot stores to get enough rigid insulation but we at least we found enough.


The count was verified by the supervisor!


Traveled back to the property Sunday morning. We were welcomed with nice thunder storms.


Monday morning we picked up Ron and his flat bed trailer. We were on a mission to pick up our new toy!


There she was waiting with her accessories loaded in her big sturdy bed. She was excited to meet us but not as excited as we were!


I got to drive her around the parking lot before we loaded her onto the trailer. She was grinning from headlight to headlight anxious to go to work. Hauling water, gathering rocks, getting the mail and much much more. She now has a purpose in her young life.


This is Gabby the “Gator”. She awaits the grand kids this Friday as they are all coming up with Jamie for a visit. Gabby will be giggling along with the kids I can hear it now!

Tuesday we have more thunder showers that keep interrupting our progress. We applied the base plates on the side walls then layed out where the plumbing needs to be roughed in. Next step more frickin’ diggin’.

Today is Thursday and actually had tears in my eyes as seeing the progress is heart felt.


Till next time…….


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