Working in the rain!

After the last week of above normal temperatures here we received nice cool afternoon showers.  

Ron and Judy are so helpful.  We will be ready to pour the slab next week. 


  We ran to the hardware store and look who was hiding in the back of the truck.  


Billy heard that UFO’s landed here and made this huge hole in the ground. He walked slowly to the edge to take a quick peek. 

Billy is unsure about steps so using the ramp was the best option.  

 We took our hard working friends to lunch. When we reached the restaurant Billy was anxious to check out the cowboy!  

 If you look hard you can see that Billy is truly a boy. Wink wink!

Since the weather has just been gorgeous here in the evening we have been using our outdoor shower. Billy had to check it out! 

Martin downloaded the pictures off the game cameras and look what it saw. I died laughing! 

Till next time…….



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