Daily Archives: July 7, 2015


After a day of watching storms brew all around us finally at 7:30pm we decided to take an outdoor shower. I’m standing in the shower waiting for Martin to start the water all of a sudden it started to rain. Laughing and waiting for the hot water. It started to pour. Fumbling to get the towels and my robe out of the rain Martin runs in the shower, ” holy hail it’s freezing”. It started to hail. We both snuggled under the shower head laughing. Getting pelted with ice balls on your delicate parts is an unusual experience. Then standing in ice balls! Burrrrrr!  Finally it subsided and we giggled back to the Moho!  

Till next time!


Forth of July

The holiday was a wet one for us. We had a little break from the rain in the morning so we decided to set up the scaffolding, lay out some block and my job was to cut some re-bar.  


It rained for 12 hours but at least we accomplished something.  

 The inspector is always popping up to check out the progress. 

With the help our neighbor Ron we were able to complete part of our really tall side wall.  At the front it is 14 feet tall. 

 We also layed the first three layers of the block wall. The block wall is for mass so it will be filled with 200 bags of concrete. Yep that’s right, we will be mixing those suckers.  

 Today a truck load of supplies were delivered so it looks like no rest in our future unless Mother Nature says so.  

 We only have 5 more weeks to be able to get it dried in so fingers, toes and eyes are crossed. 

Till next time…..