Daily Archives: July 14, 2015

Front Wall!!!!

Today was a great day to see the heavy posts go up for the front wall. We are so thankful for the help from Ron. 

 Billy started to run away when he saw the huge post being brought into place.  

Gotta love this technique.  

 With the day coming to an end we have to run to get supplies so we pounded knuckles and bid farewell to this massive front wall half way complete.  

 Till next time…….



Lately we start the day off brushing the rain water off the slab. 

Today we were able to lay down the front wall base plates. Then we tackled the very tall side wall.  

  Martin says, “Wahooooo”. Ron say, “Dont worry I got this.” 
Martin on his cell tower does some business.  

 How can this cute adorable dog do something so horrible? 

 Well she did. Her first casualty! 

 A baby bunny. Innocent and just starting life. Then her second causality! 

 A lizard she chased out of a wood pile. Trapped it with her big paws. Tears. 

Everyday is a new adventure. The progress is coming along with each day. 

Till next time……