Daily Archives: July 16, 2015


Tuesday afternoon we went to town to get supplies and as we were driving home the sunset and storm combination were breath taking.  


  Yesterday started sunny and a beautiful day with our boots on. We stacked the last 2 rows of concrete blocks on the back wall. Framed out two door ways and finished framing the bottom of the front wall. We broke for lunch took our boots off cause with this wet weather mud and sand seem to find it’s way into the Moho. Had a nice lunch, boots on oh crap it’s starting to rain. So we ran down to the site to pick up tools. Back to the Moho boots off to wait it out. Rain stops. Boots on! We had to add a few anchor bolts to the front wall base plates. We dragged out the tools needed and got the job done. Thunder around us so we pick up the tools and put them away and decided to climb to the knoll to watch the storms. Do we start another project or do we just call it a day?  


Well as we rested for a brief moment the answer came in rain drops. Bang big Thunder. We ran down the hill and back to the Moho. Boots off!
Till next time……