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Front Wall!!!!

Today was a great day to see the heavy posts go up for the front wall. We are so thankful for the help from Ron. 

 Billy started to run away when he saw the huge post being brought into place.  

Gotta love this technique.  

 With the day coming to an end we have to run to get supplies so we pounded knuckles and bid farewell to this massive front wall half way complete.  

 Till next time…….



Lately we start the day off brushing the rain water off the slab. 

Today we were able to lay down the front wall base plates. Then we tackled the very tall side wall.  

  Martin says, “Wahooooo”. Ron say, “Dont worry I got this.” 
Martin on his cell tower does some business.  

 How can this cute adorable dog do something so horrible? 

 Well she did. Her first casualty! 

 A baby bunny. Innocent and just starting life. Then her second causality! 

 A lizard she chased out of a wood pile. Trapped it with her big paws. Tears. 

Everyday is a new adventure. The progress is coming along with each day. 

Till next time……


50 bags!!!!

Today finally we had a day with no rain. So we hauled ass.  We layed three layers of block and put up the pocket studs in the side walls.  

 After the boys had to attend an association meeting and then lunch break we were back at it in the afternoon. 

Martin mixed 50 bags of concrete today. That’s 4,000 pounds!  Such a stud muffin.  

 Billy was supervising since this was mans work. 

Martin put Billy to work. Knife holder! 

 After 3 hours of mixing, pouring, lifting, and pounding the job was done.  

 The boys were dirty, wet and exhausted. Only five more rows to go!  

Till next time…….



Mother Nature is giving us fits. We were able to fill the blocks with concrete yesterday. Martin mixed 34 bags of concrete. Just as we were pour the last batch it started to rain. Lighting and thunder throughout the night. FLASH BANG. So close. This morning Ron just got the water off the slab we were able to move the wood around so we could get to the wood we needed then damn Mother Nature starts crying her eyes out again. 


Till next time……



After a day of watching storms brew all around us finally at 7:30pm we decided to take an outdoor shower. I’m standing in the shower waiting for Martin to start the water all of a sudden it started to rain. Laughing and waiting for the hot water. It started to pour. Fumbling to get the towels and my robe out of the rain Martin runs in the shower, ” holy hail it’s freezing”. It started to hail. We both snuggled under the shower head laughing. Getting pelted with ice balls on your delicate parts is an unusual experience. Then standing in ice balls! Burrrrrr!  Finally it subsided and we giggled back to the Moho!  

Till next time!


Forth of July

The holiday was a wet one for us. We had a little break from the rain in the morning so we decided to set up the scaffolding, lay out some block and my job was to cut some re-bar.  


It rained for 12 hours but at least we accomplished something.  

 The inspector is always popping up to check out the progress. 

With the help our neighbor Ron we were able to complete part of our really tall side wall.  At the front it is 14 feet tall. 

 We also layed the first three layers of the block wall. The block wall is for mass so it will be filled with 200 bags of concrete. Yep that’s right, we will be mixing those suckers.  

 Today a truck load of supplies were delivered so it looks like no rest in our future unless Mother Nature says so.  

 We only have 5 more weeks to be able to get it dried in so fingers, toes and eyes are crossed. 

Till next time…..


Holy moly…….

Today was a busy one!  Set up chop saw, set up awning, set up air compressor, set up air nailer, and started cutting wood.  The first 16 foot section took us awhile to get our groove on. The second section went better.  The third was done in 50 min. The forth even better.  We watched the thunder storms all around us praying they would stay away. Still as I write they are all around. So it worked.  

 Tomorrow we should see even more progress! Martin and I are two pooped puppies! 

Till next time…..



We finished all the re-bar for the slab last week so we had some time to spare on the weekend!  Road trip!  Off to get some supplies.


IMG_8639  Yep that’s the back seat driver!

We decided to build our deck up on the knoll.  We had to use the new hammer drill with a spade attachment to help dig through the rocky terrain.


Martin went for some supplies so I had a moment just to sit on the edge, dangle my legs over the edge. This deck is what we have been dreaming of since day one when we bought the property and to make this come true was such a great feeling.  Martin gets stronger and stronger.  He hauled up the hill 4 – 80 pounds sacks of concrete up the steep hill.  Yep that’s my stud muffin!

IMG_8644 IMG_8645

Ron, Martin and I are like the 3 amigos.  Build, sweat and accomplish!

IMG_8646 IMG_8648

We invited our hard working neighbors up to the deck to watch the storms. Kansas was a little unsure of the edge.

IMG_8650 IMG_8651

Billy needed a helping hand so Martin was happy to help him.  With Billy at the edge Kansas was more relaxed.

IMG_8652 IMG_8653

IMG_8654 IMG_8655

We then spent Monday and Tuesday cleaning up as finally the slab pour was to happen on Wednesday.  Billy and I moved a pile of dirt to make way for all the concrete trucks.

IMG_8656 IMG_8657

We started bright and early.

IMG_8659  IMG_8661

The crew were super nice guys.  And hard working.  The slab was worth every penny spent. The finish is amazing we can use the concrete as our finished floor.  A little staining and sealing.  Wa- laaa


Billy was curious so he sneaked up to the edge to take a closer look.



IMG_8667 IMG_8668

The workers all worked together like they were all doing the same tango!  The motor trowels buzzed.  Each one doing their own dance on the concrete.

IMG_8671    IMG_8677 IMG_8681

After all the commotion Billy had to see how his hooves sounded on this new hard surface. And Kansas, lets just say the warm curing concrete felt good on her bum!


After a long day of watching all the workers we ended the day with some tired little travelers. Marty and Shawna stopped by for a night of rest with their U-Hauls in tow before leaving real early the next morning on their way to start their new adventure in life in Texas.


These little guys will be far away but Grammie and Papa always loved a new adventure so I see a trip to Dallas in our near future.

With the concrete complete now we have to water this dance floor to help it cure. What mother nature doesn’t do for us we have a gator, water tank and a stud muffin to keep it wet!



Till next time….