The piles of wood are getting smaller…..

We are more than half done with the front rafters. With each stage it just makes me want to jump up and down clapping.  I’m high up on my scaffolding looking towards my sewing studio.  Martin and Ron are little workers bees.

 As we worked our way down we removed to out riggers holding the front wall up. What a difference.  

 As the guys finished cutting rafters I ran to the little local store for a TREAT! 

 Cooled us off and the BAD sugar gave us the last little push we needed to hang the last 9 rafters of the day. 

The studio remains waiting for its turn tomorrow.  

 Nothing sexier than a hard working stud muffin! 

 At the end of a long day the guys contemplate tomorrow’s goal as the mean sky makes us run for cover.  

 We still are amazed everyday that just us three amigos are building this monster of a house. Thank you Ron for your friendship and most of all your endless energy. Martin, babe, thank you making our 8 year old dream come true.  I love you! Always!

Till next time……


5 thoughts on “The piles of wood are getting smaller…..

  1. I am amazed at the three of you! What an inspiration! Puts things in perspective when I don’t want to do the dishes, lol!

  2. Joyce it is a pleasure to help out good neighbors. And it keeps me busy! The bombpop popsicle was very good. Thankyou!

  3. That sky does look mean….RUN for cover!
    You 3 are so amazing! Looks like you have been eating your Wheaties! Haha

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