Today we did it!  Roof rafters are up. This was such a huge mile stone in this crazy adventure. Martin stood tonight against the side wall looking up and tears came to his eyes. We are still in awe.  

This view is from the top of the lift. 

 With the rafters up and after a few delays from Mother Nature we finally were able to complete the framing of the bedroom wall.  

 Yep this is my hard working stud muffin! 

 It looks like one more day of framing is in store for tomorrow. Then we need to prep for lifting the plywood onto the roof. We have only 5-6 days left here then we will head back to the valley and Ron and Judy will head out on a road trip. We are so thankful that they delayed their trip so Ron could help us. 

Till next time……


4 thoughts on “Wahooooo!!!!

  1. way to go you guys! Miss you both, but the homestead looks like it’s coming along. Look forward to seeing the progress! Take care

  2. You guys will have your first phase completed, as planned, on or before your deadline. Phase two will commence in late September when you return. Looking forward to the next phase.

  3. Heck, I have tears just reading your words and looking at all the photos of such an amazing journey you guys have been on…..you have to be so overcome with joy on the accomplishments you have made thus far that tears must flow freely.

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