Daily Archives: August 5, 2015

OMG…. Tears have been shed

Lately Martin and I  can not stop the tears. As we look back over the last months we are so proud of what we have accomplished. 

As the rafters went up Martin still needed to add in some supports before we could lay the plywood.  

 A simple design change in construction, a load bearing wall became non-load bearing wall, meant I could open up the kitchen/bathroom wall. This moved me to tears.  

 Then as we finished the living room/ sewing studio wall all spaces were defined. More tears!   

 Yep at the end of this day as we took this selfie. More tears!  Me so proud of him and Martin proud of me, his little ant.  

 We knew what was coming next. The PLYWOOD!  The man worker bees were busy pulling it up, laying it down, and screwing it in place. My job was to load the old tractor and lift the pieces up to them. Then grab my screw gun and join the boys. So much screwing I wore holes in my glove. Next trip we are bringing a bunch of gloves. At lunch today Martin told me he was moved to tears as he was laying the plywood thankful that he could give me this dream. 


Since we ran out of plywood due to a once again design change I had a little time to complete one section of my wall. Yes I’m keeping Billy away from this! 
 Sometimes we are just like two little kids. One night after the rafters were up we went into our bedroom layed on the concrete floor where the bed would be imagining what it would look like. We watched the stars pop out did some more design changes and of course, tears flowed. We hate to leave it unfinished but work calls me back. 

Till next time…..