Daily Archives: August 6, 2015

Final build day…..

Today we finished the plywood on the roof. Added more plywood on the sides and back for stability. Yep on schedule. 

 No No No!  Billy don’t do it. Don’t jump its to high! 

  Crazy bull. Always into something.  
The guys were high up working hard  

 After waking up slowly the supervisor was making sure all is well so we can hit the road tomorrow.  

You know we are going to be leaving those dreaded scorpions behind in Arizona next year. Only to discover new ugly bugs. Centipedes, yep saw one. Snakes, yep saw one. Ants, yep seen a lot of those. Flies, some bite some are just so damn annoying. And this creature.  

 A blister Beatle!  It as it gives off caustic chemical that will burn you. So don’t touch it. Ugh!  

I just want to thank all of you, our dear friends for taking the time to read our crazy adventure. Even though we will not be here we have a lot to prepare for so you will still hear from us. May not be as often but my thumbs will not be quiet. Haha. 

Don’t wanna go….. Wanna finish….till next time…..

Big hugs to ya all