Welcome home

As we left our home build Billy was waving bye bye.  

He said that he would watch over things till we return. 

Upon arrival yep it was waiting for me.  

 Frickin’ scorpion in the kitchen sink. I cut his tail off so he could die a slow death. He wiggled his arms as he screamed help me. Haha no one was listening. Haha

We are chillin’ tonight while making a bottle wall.  

  The supervisor is bummed to be home. She will dream of playing with stink bugs. Chasing lizards and biting bunnies. It will take her a few days to settle in. Tuesday she gets her hair done so she will be able to see good again. 

Tonight we rest…….



2 thoughts on “Welcome home

  1. Billy looks like he will take good care of your homestead 😉
    Oh my gosh, it would freak me out to come home to a scorpion! Yuk!
    Sweet dreams Kansas!

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