Daily Archives: October 22, 2015

A new toy

Last night when we arrived in the rain. We rushed to unload our goods into the Moho. Cold and wet Martin turns on the heater to warm our cold bones. Hummmmm it’s blowing cold air. Isn’t a heater suppose to blow warm air. Hummmmm no gas coming out the stove either. Hummmmmm oh crap. Forget it for the moment. Crawl in bed to get warm. It’s always something!  

In the morning light we were able to access the storm damage. Well the house still stands but hummmm is there suppose to be a lake in the house. Like a NO!

  So I did my water aerobics and swept and swept and swept. 

The new lift arrived. This one goes outside so we can do the siding!

With the wet roads Martin met him at the road and had to drive it to the property. Like an hour later he arrived.  Heeeheeee

Tomorrow is a trip to get the excavator. We have trenches to dig. We feel with all this rain that we take two steps forward then 10 steps back. Please pray for no rain for the next three weeks as we got poop to do. 

Till next time…..