Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

No rain day

Today so far has been a beautiful day.  So thank you for your prayers. 

Yesterday while Martin tended to business. (Damn work seems to get in the way but it pays the bills). I decided to deal with the standing water behind the house. So got the shovel and started digging a polish drain.  

A polish drain is just dig and dig as long as the water follows you it works. 

This morning no standing water. Yea!

Today we were able to take the ripped tarp off the roof and then cut the roof down to the correct size. 

We also layed out the green house. 

Now we are picking up the escavator so tomorrow we can dig the foundation for the green house. 

These are our two steps forward!!!!

During the summer we bought two bales of hay for the animals to feed on. Only to be disappointed with no animals coming by to enjoy the fresh hay. Well to our surprise they came while we were gone.  

 Can you just imagine the view we will have of them when we were all done building. Jump jump clap clap. Tracks everywhere. 

Till next time…..