Daily Archives: October 25, 2015

Another great day……

No rain day yea!  Martin dug some more. I moved the excavated dirt. Ron cut down a couple of dead trees and brushed a few more. 

Then we really got busy.  

 We layed out and framed out our turret! 

 Yes our turret. The earth ship concept needs an airlock entrance. We were just going to build a lean type addition but then Martin came up with this brilliant idea of a turret. It will be two stories with a spiral stair case. The upper level will be a place high up where we can spy on the animals. Such a neat idea and architectural eye catching addition to our unusual house. I am the luckiest girl in the world. 

Till next time …….


Good day part two …….

Ron, Martin and I were able to frame up the foundation for the green house.  

Martin and I ran up to the deck so I could get a better signal and holy crap Martin saw a herd of elk crossing the valley below heading towards the house site. So while I tried to get the blog done he ran down to put the SD card back in camera. He decided to sit at the house to wait. Tap tap tap. And the holy crap again he was able to see this big and tall elk approach the hay. He couldn’t believe his luck.  

  Next is the herd of four that enjoyed an evening of grazing.  

We just can’t wait to be able to watch these amazing creatures from the comfort of our living room. 

Till next time…..