Daily Archives: November 3, 2015

Roof, roof!

The last two days we have spent getting ready to put the roof on. We had to put the back fascia on then I had to paint it. 

Oops my roller slipped and made graffiti! 

  Ron and Martin closed up the last of the side walls. 

We all rolled, smoothed, stretched, carried, cut, shifted and stomped to lay this membrane. Such hard work. Our knees are raw.  

What? Is this a coffee break or what!  Back to work boys!

In this light my legs are soooooo long.  

 Had no idea the amount of trash we make during construction. Luckily we have hundreds of trees to catch it. 

 It’s suppose be real cold and wet tomorrow. Hoping it stays away till the afternoon so we can finish the membrane. 

Till next time…..with raw knees, sore backs, bloody fingers and happy hearts.