Daily Archives: November 7, 2015

Happy day….

Yesterday Ron and I filled up a big bucket of water for the elk.  

 So this morning Martin and I walked the trail before we began our day. We noticed many tracks. Especially what looked like a momma and a baby. So we pulled the SD card and couldn’t wait to see what or how many animals came to drink cause the water was gone.  Notice the temp on the picture stamp. Brrrrrrr

 The same herd came back! 

 How many do you see?  We counted 7!

Today we were able to put the membrane up on both sides of the house. And we also layed the last two layers of block for the green house wall.  

 For the 3 stooges we do pretty damn good. 

Ron filled the animal water again. I think our little family will be back. 

Till next time……