Daily Archives: November 15, 2015

Home and chillin’

The last few days we spent pouring concrete into the block wall. Billy was testing the strength of our progress.  

 “Get down! Mommy and Daddy are coming! Kansas said. 

 Martin and Ron were able to cut in the Windows along the back wall.  

 While they sawed and nailed I rolled and rolled some paint on the house. With battling the weather and a dead lift this is as far as I could get.  


With this huge storm heading to New Mexico we decided to head home so I could get a job done while the concrete cured.  

 Our property is smack dab in the middle!

This morning is Sunday and we are enjoying a down day by catching a few movies and resting our bodies. The work we did was very labor intensive. Martin hammered his finger.  

 He also got hit in the thigh with the forks we put on the tractor and badly bruised his leg. 

I fell off the ladder Nov 1st landed on my feet but then fell back on my tail bone. Still suffering. So we are in need of a little mending. 

Till next time……