There is light at the end of the tunnel….

Yesterday we completed framing the front green house wall. Whew! We both had tears in our eyes as we put the last post up.   

  Then we worked on figuring out the dreaded roof rafters. We cut and made a template for the rafters splices. 44 rafters X 2 boards each rafter is a boat load of splices.  

 With our heads down we plugged away. Lift, carry, cut, carry, raise up, clamp in place, screw, and timberlock the roof rafters. Up and down the ladder goes Martin. Up and down the scaffolding goes Joyce. 

Then cutting the plywood, shoving it on the lift. Up goes Joyce on the lift to place it on the rafters. While Martin goes up the ladder to timberlock the rafters. Multiply this times 36 and then now you see roof.  

 Martin then went up on the roof to screw down the plywood.  

 We still are amazed with every new step that we really did this. It is massive. No tiny little house. So proud of our accomplishments. This is all we have left.   8 more. Yep 8. Wahoo. 

  Tomorrow the lift is scheduled to be picked up. So that means we have to be done with the lift work by 11:00. So it’s an early start. Bundled warm as it usually has been 32 degrees at 8:00 am. 

Night, night as we are pooped little puppies.  

 Till next time……


One thought on “There is light at the end of the tunnel….

  1. You guys are really doing a tremendous job! I know from my experience, how much hard work and heavy lifting required to get the massive posts up. Then the skinned knees putting the plywood on the roof. You both need a few weeks to rest your overworked bodies. Safe travels returning to Queen Creek.

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