We started early at 7:00 am. The temp was……… 

 It was so cold there was beautiful ice crystals on the elk poop.  

 Kind of looks like frozen blueberries!

We put up the last 8 rafters, the last of the plywood, cut the front of plywood to the right length. The lift work was now complete. We couldn’t wait for them to come pick up this piece of poop. It never ran right and hard to start. Then up to the roof we go by ladder. The last of the membrane went down. After the last piece was pressed into place we kissed each other and fell back with pride to take it all in.   

  It was so cold today that Kansas actually asked to go back into the motor home. I guess she will need a fur coat. My little thin tank top just wasn’t enough.  

As we were cleaning up Martin noticed up on the ridge a lone deer watching us. Or really watching the bales of hay wondering when we were going to leave.  

  So once we were all cleaned up Martin and I pulled up a chair and waited. And waited! Then there they are. A herd of 5 elk.  

 They munched and munched. We would whisper and they would turn and look our way with mouthfuls of alfalfa. Such beautiful animals. We started to get really cold so as we walked through the house they got spooked and left. This could be a nightly event when we finally get settled here. 

Tomorrow we travel home. Work needs to be done. So until February the house waits for us to return. 

Till next time…..


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  1. I so enjoy reading your blog on your new home and all the pictures. Whatever you do, DO NOT eat the icicle blueberries! Looking forward to more pics in February

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