Monthly Archives: November 2015

Happy day….

Yesterday Ron and I filled up a big bucket of water for the elk.  

 So this morning Martin and I walked the trail before we began our day. We noticed many tracks. Especially what looked like a momma and a baby. So we pulled the SD card and couldn’t wait to see what or how many animals came to drink cause the water was gone.  Notice the temp on the picture stamp. Brrrrrrr

 The same herd came back! 

 How many do you see?  We counted 7!

Today we were able to put the membrane up on both sides of the house. And we also layed the last two layers of block for the green house wall.  

 For the 3 stooges we do pretty damn good. 

Ron filled the animal water again. I think our little family will be back. 

Till next time……


Good day…..

It was a cold night which means a very cold morning.  

With frost on the roof we started the day pouring concrete on the two side walls of the green house. Broke for lunch then completed the rest of the membrane on the roof.  This really is a big accomplishment. 

Decided to take Ron and Judy to dinner. Put a skirt on and stepped up in the truck to discover my skirt was nibbled on by a stupid ass mouse. With decon all over the Moho he or she will find the end to their life soon.  

 Good thing I can just whack it off and be as good as new. 

Till next time……


Snow, snow,snow….

As we woke up I lifted the shade to see a beautiful white blanket of snow. I squealed and clapped my hands. So excited we hopped out of bed and dressed warm.  

 The house site stood there all pretty in white. More importantly where the membrane was on the roof no water in the house.  

This would be my view from my sewing studio.  

We put out two new bales of hay and oh my look what we found! 

 Our first picture of a bull!  Looks like a party. 

We walked around the property like two little kids playing in snow for the first time. This track has personality! 

Kansas enjoyed chasing the bunnies this morning.  

 Everyday is an adventure. Loving life!

Till next time…….



Today was very windy and very cold. Since we didn’t want to be blown off the roof we decided to keep our feet on the ground. We layed the first layer of block for the green house. After being pelted with dirt we decided to stop work for the day and take a trip to get supplies. We experienced the first snow of the season. Yes I said SNOW. 

Martin pulled the SD card so here are some more animal pictures. Enjoy! 

Till next time……..


Roof, roof!

The last two days we have spent getting ready to put the roof on. We had to put the back fascia on then I had to paint it. 

Oops my roller slipped and made graffiti! 

  Ron and Martin closed up the last of the side walls. 

We all rolled, smoothed, stretched, carried, cut, shifted and stomped to lay this membrane. Such hard work. Our knees are raw.  

What? Is this a coffee break or what!  Back to work boys!

In this light my legs are soooooo long.  

 Had no idea the amount of trash we make during construction. Luckily we have hundreds of trees to catch it. 

 It’s suppose be real cold and wet tomorrow. Hoping it stays away till the afternoon so we can finish the membrane. 

Till next time…..with raw knees, sore backs, bloody fingers and happy hearts.