Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Screw screw screw

Today is Wednesday and bright and early at 9 am. Haha we started the second row of panels. Steve and Martin on the ground lifting the monster panels up to me and Ron on the roof. In no time we had all panels in place because we are professionals now.  

 Dear Steve had to leave for home so lunch break was in need. Martin did a little work a little nap then off to the roof. So far I have screwed in over 600 screws and the other worker bees I have no idea but it’s a lot.  



 Finally the wind picked up as our backs gave out.  So we are calling it a day. Feeling tired thankful and more of all so lucky to have such good friends that took their time out of their day to help. 
Till next time…..




Tuesday brings the installation….

With the help from Steve and our forever friend Ron we were able to get first row of roofing up. You know going 92 feet just being off a tiny bit you can end up off 5″ on the other end. Proudly we were only off 1/2″. We are not professionals but I’d say that was pretty darn good.  

 These panels were 3 feet wide by 20 feet long. So thankful for the help, cause handling these monsters wasn’t easy. 

 I was up screwing down the metal and this beautiful bug landed right next to me. The photo doesn’t do it just cause it looked like porcelain. 

Till next time…….


Monday brought much help….

Monday our dear neighbors came by offering help. Frank jumped on the tractor with Lizanne’s help. And the snow was removed I no time.  

 Now we get to watch it melt and using the ladder behind the house is safe. Can’t thank good friends enough.  

 With it being a little nippy in the morning  Jamie and Mikaila sent Kansas a new little snow vest.  

 Because my make shift snow jacket just wasn’t working. Her hood kept falling down and she couldn’t see. Step by step she would bump her way back to the Moho. Funniest thing.  

 Dear Steve Evers arrived also on Monday. We showed him around. Walking the property.  

     Steve was fascinated by how the ground looks after the snow melts.  
 After the snow the ground reveals the colorful rocks that will be soon on my rock wall. They look like Easter Eggs!

 Till next time……


Roof, Roof!!!

Valentine’s Day we headed off to New Mexico. Our weeks mission is to install the metal roofing. Upon arrival we first went down to the house. Yep it still stands. We found a ton of snow still  behind the house.  

 Thought we could just shovel it away. Hecka no frozen ice against the house. So the we began to battle. Us against it!   

 Of course the supervisor approved and the work began.  

 Proper working attire?  


Fur coat is a better option. Kansas loves the snow. It’s funny how she learned to eat the snow when she was thirsty. 

Till next time ……