Monday brought much help….

Monday our dear neighbors came by offering help. Frank jumped on the tractor with Lizanne’s help. And the snow was removed I no time.  

 Now we get to watch it melt and using the ladder behind the house is safe. Can’t thank good friends enough.  

 With it being a little nippy in the morning  Jamie and Mikaila sent Kansas a new little snow vest.  

 Because my make shift snow jacket just wasn’t working. Her hood kept falling down and she couldn’t see. Step by step she would bump her way back to the Moho. Funniest thing.  

 Dear Steve Evers arrived also on Monday. We showed him around. Walking the property.  

     Steve was fascinated by how the ground looks after the snow melts.  
 After the snow the ground reveals the colorful rocks that will be soon on my rock wall. They look like Easter Eggs!

 Till next time……


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