Daily Archives: February 18, 2016

Windy day….

Some little girl did not want to get up this morning.  All through breakfast to snored away. I guess her little vest kept her cozy. 

 We have been blessed with beautiful warm weather but windy at times. This morning we had to install the fasia board across the front. This meant moving the temporary solar panels.  

 With Ron on the ground handing up the wood Martin and I tag teamed screwing them up.  

 Next step installing the eve trim for the roof.  

 Nothing sexier than a hard working man. Especially when he’s all mine.  

 Since by the time this stage was completed the winds kicked up so installing the 6 foot roof panels was just too dangerous. So more screwing. I’m up to 1,000 now. Ron’s over 700 and Martin’s up to 800. As you do that many your hands hurt. Your forearms burns. Your back kills you. I finally placed my right foot next to my gun so as it torqued it pressed against my leg relieving some pressure. 

After all the work was completed for the day we sat to chat in the house. The supervisor approved of some rest time so she decided to take a saw dust bath.  

 What? What’s wrong? Dirty? Not me! 

 Another good day. 

Tomorrow will be a sad day as the couple we bought our land from the wife passed away last week. So sad. She was a cute little old lady. Spunky!  She saw me at the hardware store this summer. Me dressed in a skirt, t-shirt, cowboy boots, braids and my cowboy hat. She comes up to me, squeezed my arm and said, ” you’re just so cute!”  The  service will be held at the Cowboy Church. Didn’t know of such a church. 

Till next time….