Daily Archives: February 19, 2016

Sad day……

This morning started with only a few hours of work. Ron arrived sharply at 8am. We loaded up some of the doors we had stored in the trailer. Off to the house site we go. In a few hours whalaa the beginning of our window wall! 

 Then a quick change of clothes then off to the Cowboy Church.

 The casket was just beautiful. Gorgeous wood. All the community ladies made a pot luck lunch with all kinds of food and desserts. Once everyone was fed Jo was carried out to the back of her husbands truck. The local sheriffs led the way to the ranch. Blocking traffic so all the cars could stay together. I believe only 3 cars had to wait. 

We arrived to Tom and Jo’s 2,000 acres ranch. Jo had a beautiful garden with planted trees, sculptures, real old farming equipment, bird houses and large metal flowers. You could see and feel her touches of life everywhere. 

With the Angus cows moo-ing in the back ground, the ceremony was concluded and Jo was lowered into the ground.  I was touched by all the love showered upon Tom and the rest of the family. I have never attended such a personal country funeral. And as everyone stood around visiting 4 Cowboys shoveled dirt over Jo then  to see a cowboy in a nice shirt and tie jump into the bobcat to finish filling the deep hole. You just don’t see that every day.  Pretty flowers were planted on top of her. Touching. 

Experiences like this really make you appreciate life. Love your family as life really is short and these bodies are just a vessel to the next stage whatever it might be. 

Till next time…….