Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

Save a horse ride a Cowboy….

Lazy lazy lazy Kansas. She loves camping. 

Forgot to share this picture the other day Save a horse ride a cowboy.  


Yep all mine!

Saturday we finished laying all the metal roofing the only thing left was the ridge cap. To pooped to complete that because we screwed and screwed.  

  That’s me screwing on the edge 14 feet in the air. 1,650 screws!

Billy the Bull enjoys it when we come home. He is the best guard bull. 

Well today is Sunday and it has been a great week in New Mexico. The weather was warm and a little breezy but cold at night.

We loaded all the garbage leftover from laying the membrane on the roof.  

 Then it was time to set the ridge cap. One last piece. We were so tired but we buckled down and got it done.  

This has been another milestone in the building of a new home. Exciting but exhausting. 

Once again can’t thank Ron (aka DAD) enough for his help. He comes everyday just for something to do.  

 This little girl hates to leave. You can see it in her eyes when I told we had to go bye bye.  PS Martin and I feel the same way 

Till next time…..