Can you say, “Gutters”

Since the high wind warnings the gutter people came a day early to install our gutters and deliver the cisterns.  


They installed snow brakes. Snow brakes?  That’s a new one for me. 

Here’s a picture of me standing on the block wall that’s 2 feet tall to help give you an idea of how tall the house really is.  

 It’s always a sad moment when we have to leave to go home.  

 Kansas looking out the window for one last sniff for bunny butts. This girl loves to chase bunnies. Sniff out lizards or horney toads. She’s just in heaven with no fencing. 

As we dropped into the valley we were amazed by the super crappy air we have to breathe. With the high winds across Arizona the dust and smog was everywhere.  

 Upon arrival at home we were reminded of the reality of our life right now. The closing of Martin’s business meant employees returning their company trucks to be sold.  

 During our trip Martin accepted the offer for a position from a large corporation. And three of his guys received offers too. 

Build time now will be limited to holidays when Martin can take time off. We just keep telling ourselves just one more year. The countdown begins 426 days. 

Till next time…….


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