A new chapter…..

Today is the new beginning as Martin starts his new job. I laid out his clothes. New polka dot socks!  New plaid shirt! New belt. Ready to do work.  

It’s a big change for us to be separated like this during the day. Even breakfast on the courtyard is different this morning.  

 Martin is missing!!!!  He’s driving in that commuter traffic while I’m enjoying a pot of tea. 

Today will be a day of training videos and meeting fellow workers. I know he will succeed. 

Till next time…..


One thought on “A new chapter…..

  1. I know how much you will miss him and he is thinking about you during his commute! Love like the two of you have can endure anything that life brings you way. God blessed you with your soul mate. Enjoy your new journey and Martin success in his new adventure . Hugs

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