Dead-wood-ranch here we come……

Last summer we worked our asses off in preparation of doing it again this year to complete our home. 

Since life threw us a screw you ball Martin has adjusted to commuting to work and I am slowly adjusting to him being gone. 

Along with the job came good insurance. I  have been suffering for a long time with arthritis in my right thumb. After screwing some 1,600 screws in the roof it only made it worst. So since we had to stay one more I decided to have the surgery to help fix my thumb. 

It’s a long recovery. About three months. Pretty painful. Already can’t wait to get this thing off. 

We have been preping for our week of building next week. The plan is to install the green house glass. We’ve got some great help up there and more arriving on Thursday. This will be another huge step in closing the house up. 

I’ve been staining the strips of would to hold the glass in. 200 of these babies need staining. Start early in the morning. If I don’t I might catch on fire!!!!

Not sure if I will get them all done before we go but I have a good start. Not bad for a one handed stainer!!!!!! 

Friday we pick up the glass, pack up all the stuff. Gotta have stuff. Where would we all be without stuff. I think naked and hungry!!!  Leave early Saturday, stop in Show Low to pick up some down spouts for the front gutters and BAM we are there. Can’t wait!!!!

Till next time…..


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