The day started with this gorgeous view. Miss Alegra just needed a nice big cherry!

We installed 5 more large panes of glass. Then decided to figure out the upper Windows. Ta—-da. 

These braces help make the house strong and sound. Martin and I had tears in our eyes. To see our dream come to life with every little step. Big or small each step is just one step closer to completion. 

We watched Tree House Masters one night awhile ago and they plugged these Timberlocks. Best invention in the world. Secure and easy to drill in. Well maybe not at easy for Martin cause he’s doing all the drilling. It just looks so easy from where I stand and watch him drill. 

Found this little gem today. 

A squirrel pelvis with thigh bones,tail and a skull. 

Ended the day with beautiful skies. 

Till next time……

The one handed stainer. 

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