Today Martin and Ron started the day framing out one of the sides of the green house. It looks like a cabin. Love it. 

Glass goes up! You see the angled spaces above where they are putting up the glass?  Invision bottle wall there. 

In the afternoon some special people arrived!  More helping hands 

Break time. Our first rain on the Windows. 

Well you’ve heard of road kill? Well we had wood kill. Found this poor soul when we moved the wood pile. 

Jamie and Marcus helping Ron cut the board just right. Little this way. No back that way!!

Our dear Mikaila had fun on the dirt pile. I think the dogs had just as much fun. 

 Our son-in-law, Marcus showed that nail gun who was boss. He was such a big help. 

Our tiny little furry grand dogs were exhausted from running, playing, chasing and being free. 

Till next time….

The one handed stainer. 

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