Daily Archives: September 6, 2016

Papa time….

The weekend before this holiday, Papa and the boys took a quick trip up to the property to haul supplies. Up on Saturday and drive back Sunday morning. Doughnuts, Starbucks and some fuel and they are ready to roll. 

Trey drives soooo good Papa trusts him with the gator. 

Of course they had to stop in to see the Pie Lady. 

Driving the tractor at age 5 and 8. Tanner has to stand up to push the peddle. How much fun could two boys have?

All the tiny little sunflowers were lining the street. 

Of course Papa wouldn’t leave his co pilot behind. Boys in the back so Kansas got to be a big girl and sit in front. 

Special time with Papa meant driving the tractor, driving the gator, shooting BB guns, sitting by the fire and eating cheeze it’s and vanilla wafers for dinner. Sleeping in their clothes cause they were too tired to put sheets on the beds. Just cover up with a blanket. 

Up early Sunday to head back home from this special bro time. 

Memorable moments. 

Till next time…..