Labor Day week……

Balls to the wall was our motto this weekend. Martin took off Friday and Tuesday. So off we go to the property. Stopping to pick up an escavator 

First thing was to dig the trenches and holes for collection of roof run off. We installed 350 gallon cisterns to be able to provide water for the wild life and for our outdoor shower. 

As always our number helper Ron is there to lend a helping hand. 

Reinforcements arrive Saturday morning. Marty, Shawna, Trey and Tanner arrive to provide helping hands. 

Painting of the support blocks before they can be buried. Then it time to move dirt, lots and lots of dirt. 

Martin on the escavator!!!!

Marty on the tractor to which we call smokey. Smokes like a chimney. Needs a motor rebuild bad.

Ron on his little John Deere!!!!

Even had to shovel some dirt by hand. 

Big hands and small hands helped and  the work got done. 

Shawna and I painted a few doors so the boys wanted to help paint too! 

Our little helpers took a break from working to drive around the gator collecting rocks for Grammies rock wall. 

After all the digging, trenching laying piping for water, wind generator and electric generator, Saturday was coming to a close. We took the time to set the generator in place. 

Marty manned the tractor to lift it into place. 

The peanut gallery were watching the men with cold drinks in hand, shade over head and a nice dirt mound to sit on. 

We ended the day with BBQ and burgers at the Gattering Place. Fine food and the best company. 

Till next time……


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