Labor Day weekend continues….

After a busy work day I tell you rolling out of bed the next is a chore. We aren’t getting younger as the days go by. 

We started Monday by putting up plywood on one side of the interior walls for stability. 

We put the vents in on top of the cisterns 

Shawna and I built forms and  poured concrete on Sunday. Yes that’s right. We lifted 80 pound sacks and hand mix concrete in a wheel barrow. We then spread it around our catch basins we installed. This is where the rain water from the down spout start goes through the big black tubes into the 350 gallon cisterns. On Monday the concrete was dry and I was able to add the finding touches of rock. Love it when a plan come together. 

We finished the day off by cleaning up the last of the crap wood pile. Moving all the extra plywood, hooking up the trailer, washing off the escavator, wrapping up 90 bags of concrete to protect them from the rain, cleaning up the Moho to prepare for an early exit Tuesday morning. 

With every step we take it becomes more rewarding. Our plan is to move next summer but you know how plans go sometimes. Blown out the window but then you make a new one. I think I’ll keep the windows closed!!!!! 

Hope ya all had a great weekend. 

Till next time…..


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