Another quick weekend….

Can you say ship lap? The new craze!  And yes we are doing it in our home. 

All it takes is a little paint slopped on and some muscle in pink to apply it. 

Some drying time!

Some travel time!

Some insulation first!

A handsome man to nail it up! Whom I love!

And wahlaaaaaa!  I could not cut the wood fast enough I was so excited to see a vision come to life. 

We also got the propane gas line into the house. With the help of Our neighbors John and Ron.   

Trencher broke so John ran and brought the big daddy of digging over to finish the job. 

Nothing like playing in the dirt. 

Then the final hook ups and testing!

Then you have a gas into the house. 

So after we make a mess now the work begins to clean it up. Ron is always there to lend and hand and a tractor. Ron has been the biggest help all this time. 

And the brains behind it all. This man!  My hubby!

Making our dreams come true. It is amazing and most if all FUN!

Till next time…..


One thought on “Another quick weekend….

  1. Love love love shiplap! That is so beautiful. You guys have come a long way on making your dreams come tru . I am so so happy for you!

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